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Through its array of quality financial services, Tustin Community Bank offers tailored, solutions for businesses, professionals, and individuals. Our top banking professionals take pride in providing service that is responsive and personalized to meet your specific needs.

Commercial and Real Estate Loans

Tustin Community Bank is committed to providing quality banking to the business and professional community. Our top professionals are problem solvers. They design solutions that are timely, efficient and tailored to your situation. The bank’s policy of direct access to senior management provides customers with a level of personalized service generally not available elsewhere.

Commercial Loans

Tailored with your business in mind. Designed to meet your short term financing needs, our commercial loans can be secured by business assets such as real estate, inventory, receivables or equipment.

Business Lines of Credit

Offers you greater flexibility to meet seasonal borrowing needs and also to finance expansion.

Term Loans

Meet your interim term financing requirements such as the purchase of equipment or for expansion.

Professional Loans

Designed to help professionals, such as physicians and dentists, expand and or start-up their practices.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Provides term financing on commercial, industrial, office, multi-unit residential, retail and other types of real properties located in California.

Construction Financing

Available at competitive rates and terms for single-unit, multi-unit commercial and residential and other types of real properties located in Southern California.

Lease Financing

Gives you the attractive alternative of leasing vehicles and equipment for your business. Lease financing can have beneficial tax advantages for your business.

Small Business Administration Loans (“SBA”)

Provides long-term financing for small businesses at excellent rates and flexible terms.

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